We’re more than just a digital marketing agency.

We’re business nerds who like to create beautiful things.

In the process of building our own online businesses, we learned how difficult it was to build a good-looking brand with cohesive marketing. Great ideas are easily railroaded by weak websites, subpar visuals, and uninspiring marketing assets – it doesn’t matter what kind of business you are. We learned this the hard way, so we decided to solve the problem ourselves.

Great businesses deserve great websites, great visuals, and great marketing assets.

So we learned how to create them and complement them with dynamic analytics. We wanted to help other businesses like us make their brands stand out. We’re entrepreneurs; we like new projects. We’ve always wanted a big portfolio, but now we’ve decided to build it with others. Because anything worth doing is worth doing right.

We founded Dedi Media to help other entrepreneurs and businesses bring their visions to life.

Meet the Team

We’re global travelers who call two places home. Sometimes we’re in Boston (or elsewhere in the US). Sometimes we’re in Maputo (or elsewhere in Mozambique). And sometimes we are somewhere completely different. We go wherever you may need us.

Digital Marketing Agency - Edwina

Edwina De Abreu


Graphic Design. Visuals. Marketing. Sales.

Digital Marketing Agency - John

John DiRienzo


Web Dev. Analytics. Operations. Strategy.

Do you want your business to stand out?

We’re the digital marketing agency you need. Whether you need a website, better aesthetics, or just some help fine-tuning your marketing and analytics, we can get you where you need to go.